Barony of Highland Foorde

Martial Activities

Martial activities will include armored combat, rapier, atlatl, thrown weapons, and archery with a number of scenarios.

Heavy Fighting

"THE DEATH OF KING RICHARD" In a brave but fatal act, King Richard Lancaster charges across the field to attempt to personally kill Henry Tudor.

The battle will proceed as follows:
There will be four battle fields- Woods, field, bridge, and fortified camp. Henry Tudor will be at the fortified camp, Richard of Lancaster wants to fight his way there and kill him. He is not likely to succeed.

Woods Battle-
Richard’s forces start in the back of the woods. Henrys’ forces are pre-deployed in the woods. Richards’ forces get to resurrect every time Richard is killed. Henrys’ forces do not resurrect in the woods, once killed they go to pre-deploy on the next battle field. Richard needs to get to the other side of the woods. Whenever Richard dies he goes back to the woods resurrection point and gathers all of the Lancaster forces that are there waiting to be resurrected. When Richard gets to the other side of the woods, the battle proceeds to the next stage. No archery or siege

Field Battle-
Richard’s forces must fight their way to the bridge, they have unlimited resurrection. Res point at the edge of the woods. They proceed directly from the woods to the forces Henry has waiting for them. All casualties of Henry’s army pre-deploy on the bridge. There is archery, no siege. Quiver limit of 7 per life/ resurrection.

Bridge Battle-
Richards’ army has two resurrections each/ three lives. Henry’s army has no resurrections but pre deploys for the battle at the camp. Archery and siege but siege weapons are at the camp at long range. Quiver limit 7 per life.

Camp Battle-
Heavily outnumbered Richard tries to fight his way to Henry. Henrys’ forces have unlimited resurrection, Richard’s forces get one resurrection, two lives. Richards’ forces resurrect at the point of death after a ten count on the ground. Engagement must be regained upon resurrection. The res point for henrys’ forces is the camp. Quiver limit of 7 per life/resurrection. There are siege weapons. This is a continuous battle. The moment Richard gets to the goal of each field, the next begins. The battle is timed. Once one side completes a battle, there will be a rest period then a repeat with side switched."

Friday Night Torchlight Tourney-

If you need a reason to come early on Friday, this is it. Inspections will start about an hour before sunset, and the fun will begin around o'dark o'clock.

How will this work? Industrial strength glow tape is how. All ammo will have a charged strip of tape, as will the helms front and back.

This is intended as a missile event, but may be expanded. More details may be forthcoming.

If this remains a missile only event, scores will be recorded into the missile combat tourney.

More info may be found here:



Shoots: Flight Shoot, Clout Shoot and Poppinjay Shoot at 9am. Another at 2pm. The rest of the range will be open to shoot all day except lunch.


Thrown Weapons

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